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TechnoCore combines three South African powerhouses


By aligning the distinct skill sets of Incline, Rimco and Prometheus Consulting,  a unique synergy is created that enables the creation of customised, business decision systems and workflows on highly stable platforms, which are integrated with existing hardware. The built-in decisioning models give our clients automation they can trust, saving time while providing a great return on investment.

Incline (previously known as Incline Marketing Solutions) brings their reputation for data driven solutions and world class analytics to the TechnoCore skills stable. TechnoCore systems are backed by the power of Incline's model building and specialised IP in the area of statistics, analytics, optimisation and process flow.


Rimco is well-known for its best-in-breed software development. They have built bespoke platforms since 1997 for large South African companies such as Clicks and Musica. From online stores to back office support systems, Rimco has built stable and speedy systems that work across every aspect of the business lifecycle.


Prometheus Consultants Group was founded in 1996 offering custom built, high-end computer solutions. Through meeting the needs of both individual users and companies alike, Prometheus Consulting developed a unique understanding of the integrated nature of individual users within a business context.  


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