Case Studies

Lead Generation

Using TechnoCore's Data Integration, Scoring and Strategy Modules

TechnoCore's Lead Generation System is constantly being updated and upgraded. It currently processes in excess of 150,000 leads per month (and up to 21,000 leads daily) without interruptions. It integrates seamlessly with multiple service providers and channels and is continually being updated to increase capacity.

How does it work?

Leads are generated via various telemarketing campaigns. These leads enter the business workflow via Email responses and inbound SMS channels. The TechnoCore Data Integration module automatically collects all the SMS and Email responses and integrates them into a single data set. This data set is then cleaned, deduped (has duplicates and do-not-contact list leads removed) and scored, to determine lead eligibility and affordability for the product.

Depending on the score and the applicable strategy, the lead is routed to any one of a number of call centres for dialing.  The lapsed time between receiving the lead and the lead being routed to the call centre is measured in fractions of a second.

Loan Origination

Using TechnoCore's Data Integration, Scoring, Strategy, Mobile Platform and Analytical modules

TechnoCore's Loan Origination system utilises several of TechnoCore's core modules to deliver a state of the art solution for a prominent loan originator.

How does it work?

Field agents use TechnoCores Mobile Platform to capture and store applicant details in a secure off-line mode.  When the agents are in WiFi range, their devices sync securely with the TechnoCore Data Integration module. The Data Integration module enriches the applicant data with credit bureau data. The lead's level of credit risk is assessed and scored on the TechnoCore Scoring Module. Using TechnoCore's Strategy Module the successful lead is then routed to the client's call centre for finalisation and disbursement of the loan.  The data is then integrated seamlessly with the customers loan management system.

The whole process is monitored and reports are generated using TechnoCores Analytical and Reporting module.


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