Paul Shortridge

Paul has a reputation for generating insightful, unique solutions across a wide variety of industries including retail, banking, insurance, cellular and financial services. His international consulting track record shows that his strategy development and implementation results in measurable and substantial gains across all areas of the customer life-cycle from lead generation to payment collections and risk management.

Paul has worked in emerging markets locally and globally since the late 1990's, in countries such as the United Arab Emirates and Kenya, as well as being asked to present at a number of international conferences including the FICA conference.

Denis Dell

With over 20 years local and international experience in financial services and consulting (banking and retail) Denis brings TechnoCore his extensive credit, analytics and IT experience to manage the implementation, configuration and rollout of TechnoCore's custom built system solutions. Denis's passion for IT is contagious with over 30 years' experience in programming, building customised hardware systems and computer networking. 

With extensive experience in the management of credit, Denis has designed, created and managed the succesfull implementaiton of various multination solutions, some of which included:

1. The integration of a custom build collection software across Africa for a global international financial service provider;

2. Design and implementation of various scoring and decision models for retail and financial institutions;

3. Regulatory compliant and accurate Provisioning and Bad Debt Forecasting;

4. Profit, Cash Flow and Affordibility Forecasting;

Denis is internationally recognised in his field, presenting at various local and international conferences including the prestigious Edinburgh Credit Conference.

Francois Van Heyningen

Francois's comprehensive experience in software engineering includes development of applications in both entrepreneural and corporate settings. His involvement at top management level across many industries has provided him with a unique perspective on the practical integration requirements of businesses and how best to match them to a strategy to achieve the desired outcome. 

With over 23 years of software development experience, (including extensive data warehousing and aggregation of data from disparate database substrates and development of large-scale back office integration systems) Francois refines the TechnoCore system to ensure its speed, reliability and ease of scaling to accommodate customer needs.  


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