The TechnoCore System

TechnoCore builds customised business decision systems for medium to large businesses across all industries. Our most popular system provides third party system integrations across the financial services, retail, insurance and rental industries.


The TechnoCore System is a comprehensive, automatic, end-to-end business decision system whose success is due to the unique modularity that supports it and the stability, speed and security of the platform. 

System Features and Benefits

Integrate TechnoCore’s Strategy Module into your business workflows to enable application of various world-class decision making methodologies and selection tools to your data flows. TechnoCore optimises strategies to turn your company’s objectives into actionable processes.


TechnoCore has extensive experience with vetting applications to meet your specific risk appetite.  Our state of the art Scoring Module, combined with our Strategy Module, allows unparalleled implementation of vetting solutions.  Our Data Integration Module makes seamless integration into your existing workflow a possibility thereby ensuring an improved ROI. Existing credit bureau integration enables fast turn around times.


The modular nature of TechnoCore’ design methodology allows seamless integration with various third party optimisation software, techniques and algorithms. This ensures the system and workflows remain cutting edge.

TechnoCore’s system is backed by the power of Incline, whose analysts have international experience ranging across a number of business areas including credit risk, operational efficiency, media planning and marketing campaigns. The powerful combination of these two companies ensures mathematical and statistical optimisation of decision and business strategies across all of TechnoCores modules.



Thorough analysis of your business needs results in targeted configuration and development that generates bespoke solutions.  Our systems are known for speedy yet stable development; meeting all your business requirements and optimising work flows.

The TechnoCore suite of modules allows for fast integration into your existing systems, as well as to third party service providers.  TechnoCore have existing links to external websites, credit bureaus, bulk SMS providers and specialised call centres.


The TechnoCore Analytical and Reporting Module includes various statistical modules and reporting tools for enhanced data integration, manipulation and interrogation. This results in accurate, relevant and real-time analysis and reporting of data.  The combination of this strategic information, with TechnoCore's revolutionary short configuration and deployment cycles, drives maximum output and efficiency in your workflow systems.


​Additional services include: configuration training, ongoing support, server hosting, module upgrades, monitoring and customisation.  Bespoke pricing is tailored according to the modules, services and the degree of support required.

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